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Doozie is a premier provider of comprehensive and personalised healthcare services for the most crucial stages of a woman's life. At the core of our systems and offerings, lies an undying spirit to personalise products and the experience delivered, by leveraging our understanding of the Woman Healthcare ecosystem.

We join your journey right from the stage when you are planning for conception to when you step into pregnancy and provide support while you find nearby care providers, delivery centres and budget options. Also, when you take baby steps into parenthood, we’ve got it covered for you.

Doozie Journey

Baby Planning

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Period Tracking & Ovulation Window

Tracking your monthly cycle is very important when you’re trying to get pregnant. When you log your period data with Doozie, you can understand beforehand, what will be the most favourable days for conception, i.e. your fertile window.

Common Health Issues

Logging your period & understanding your monthly cycle can tell you more about your body than you can imagine. Your unique pattern can help diagnose common issues like PCOS, thyroid problems, uterine fibroids, so you could handle them proactively.

Online Consultations

Our care team of gynaecologists, nutritionists and physicians are also available online for consultations. Your doubts and concerns can now be addressed by top doctors at marginal costs, available for follow-up 7 days post the consultation.

Health Anomaly Detection

When you log your period data with Doozie, we help you understand your monthly cycle pattern and use this to figure out if your body is giving any signals of deviation from normalcy.

Adherence to Safety Standards

The team at Doozie strives to offer its services complying with essential safety standards by partnering with top healthcare providers and conveying medically curated information at all times.

Pregnancy Management

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Weekly To-Dos

We have aggregated all required check-ups, tests, scans and vaccinations during your pregnancy journey as weekly todos. The booking and management can all be done via our app

Know, Compare & Assess

You can easily discover and evaluate maternity care providers and delivery pricing options in and around your hyperlocal area.

Cashless Payments/Invoices

All payments can be done online and the invoices for consultations, tests or scans booked through Doozie are available in your app.

What to Expect?

At this time you would be curious or even anxious to understand the changes your body and foetus are going through. All these questions have been answered.

Infant Care Incentives

When you complete your pregnancy journey with Doozie, you can avail our infant care services, free of cost, 3 months, post delivery.

Infant Care

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Parenting Videos

We have summarised parenting fundamentals and actionable practices for new parents in small videos in our app.

Online Consultations

Concern resolution with our care team is just a click away. Write your concern, attach images to your query and get your answers from top doctors.

Memory Management

Log all your baby’s firsts with Doozie and enjoy them as a timeline with ability to filter them by moods.

Growth Monitoring

You can keep logging your baby’s height and weight in the Doozie app and they become available to our care team when you consult them for baby health issues.

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