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About Doozie

Doozie joins the parents' journey right from the stage when they are planning for conception and support them while they find nearby care providers, delivery centres and budget options.

At the core of our systems and offerings, lies an undying spirit to personalise products and the experience delivered by leveraging our AI-based understanding of maternity & child care needs.

We know it's tough to be a parent!

India's most rewarding parenting journey

When you take your pregnancy journey with us, we provide you with a Doozie Child Care Experience for 6 months, free of cost. In that, we provide free online consultations across gynaecology, paediatrics and nutrition, for any concerns you might face in your journey, free parenting videos and a place to keep and manage your baby's memories.


Our Clients Love Us

Mrs. Anuradha

Myra's Mother

Surely the doctor chat brings ease, love the home remedies. Will refer it to my friends!

Mr. Nair

Advika's Father

I was not expecting the senior doctor to call me himself, glad to see now you have video support as well.

Mrs. Neha

Ahaana's Mother

The memories feature is really helpful, also the detailed answers I get for my queries are simply great!

Mrs. Rashmi

Rhea's Mother

Thank you so much for the detailed advice, I was totally unaware of this information for my baby.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get on Doozie?

Doozie provides you an assistant for your needs to draw on the resources needed for uplifting the upbringing experience of your child. You get a suite of features and levers designed by industry experts in a single app.

How do the AI systems use my data?

At all the data which is personal to you at a user level is secured at multiple levels and we don't use that to train our machines.We only understand the interactions you do with our products to enhance your user experience in a compounded way which is not specific to any user or child.

I am pregnant, can Doozie help me?

Doozie works with you starting from the pre-natal stage. You can just add your expected date of delivery and get expert answers to any queries, you might have. You can also add memories of different stages of pregnancy.

How is privacy for my uploaded photos ensured at Doozie?

The photos/videos that are uploaded to Doozie as memories or when taking expert advice are stored on the cloud in an encrypted format.

Who are the experts answering my questions on Doozie?

We have an in-house team of experts catering to your concerns ranging from health, behaviour and nutrition management. Our operations-systems makes sure that your request is catered to by a relevant expert.

Which languages does Doozie support?

All your interactions with Doozie can be done either in English or Hindi.

Do I have to pay for using Doozie?

Doozie has a lot of market-first free offerings and multiple paid offerings, as well, for your needs. Depending on your need, some charges may apply.

Is Doozie available on iOS?

Doozie is currently available for Android on Google Play Store. It will be available for iOS very soon.

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We are transforming the ecosystem around upbringing with our parenting platform driven by causal-AI, curated guidance & multi-modal doctor support.

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