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Pregnancy Management

We have aggregated the services you would be looking for, at this time in your journey, together. Starting with the nearby gynaecologists to scheduling lab tests or necessary scans and the best delivery options in your vicinity.

Your pregnancy journey requires physical, medical, nutritional & emotional support. Doozie enables you in each of these aspects, so you and your partner can set your mind aside from the usual hassles and make this journey, a memorable one.

Doozie offers personalised prenatal support in terms of a relationship manager, who can provide on-ground assistance during your consultation visits, tests, scans, etc.

Pregnancy Management Journey

Doozie Diligence

  • You have a dedicated relationship manager throughout your pregnancy journey who can help you with bookings, on-ground assistance and keep you away from the usual hassles of the process.
  • We have aggregated care packages from various maternity care providers in your vicinity, so can can evaluate and take an informed decision.
  • Post the completion of your pregnancy journey on Doozie, we provide a 3-month infant care package, free of cost, as you take your baby steps into parenthood.

Specialised Care

Managing all the check-ups, tests, scans and immunizations at this stage might take away from the fact that you can enjoy a hassle-free pregnancy and leave the rest to us. We organise your care plan into weekly to-dos managed by your relationship manager. Bookings, reminders, on-ground assistance & document uploads is all taken care of.

All services are fulfilled by top healthcare providers where adherence to quality and safety standards is of utmost priority.

  • Hyperlocal OB/GYNs
  • Hospital Options & Delivery Packages
  • Diagnostics & Scans

Choose the best gynaecologists in your area

Over the course of 9 months of pregnancy, you are required to have between 12 to 14 consultations with your gynaecologist and/or obstetrician. We prepare a personalised care plan for you depending on your due date and organise these consultations as weekly to-dos.

Your allocated RM will manage the bookings, assist you to these visits, take care of the payments & invoices, upload all prescriptions and reports from the consultation and facilitate follow-ups, if required.

Choose the best gynaecologists in your area

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