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Things to do before the baby arrives

It’s never only the babies who you plan but with that, you plan their whole existence. The colour of their room, blankets, clothes and in India, it all comes as a surprise to us since we can never really tell the gender of the baby. Nonetheless, it still feels really fresh and supple. While all of these things are necessary to welcome your munchkin to the world but then there are things that you should be handy with before the baby arrives.

Here is the list of all the quintessential for you Millenial mamas -

Install the car seat

I know that mothers love to have their babies in their laps all the time but this can lead the babies to get habitual of the warmth and they would not agree to sit on the car seats when you’d put them on it. You must have a car seat before you can leave the hospital.

Learn infant CPR

Be CPR-certified and in case you are not, take an infant CPR. it can add a level of confidence in your parenting and could save your baby’s life. You can check with your local hospital, community center.

Prepare yourself for the baby, not just the birth

As first timers we by large focus on pregnancy and birth. You guys go neck-deep into the books and take classes for months on the birthing process. Labour is a challenging, beautiful and unique experience; but it is still just a day of your life. Afterwards, you have an ACTUAL child to raise for at least 18 years if we do not plan to keep them even after they are adults. In addition to reading books on birth, you should also read up on baby care. Study the first few chapters of your baby books and highlight what’s normal for feeding, peeing, pooping, and sleeping.

Go to the movies

I strongly recommend you to go out for one last movie before you go under the process of birthing. Trust me it’s going to be the last movie that you’d watch in peace. Once the Ninja comes out, you won’t be able to watch a movie in peace or let’s see at all (that was me trying to be nice but the truth had to come out in open). Enjoy sleeping in for as long as your pregnant bladder will let you. You will not be doing these things again for a very long time. Your child will be totally worth the loss of these simple pleasures, but take advantage of those last few months of freedom. It’s a sincere request.

FOLLOW THIS LIST to be mother-ready.

Thank you!

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