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Should A Woman Worry About Vaginal Tears-

It’s more than true when they say that the process of childbirth is the most agonizing one on the face of Earth. Even though I am far off from delivering any babies of my own but I still can sense the pain while writing this. Right now I am just wondering how it is even viable for a baby to come out of a really small hole, though I can totally imagine having a baby in the belly because we store all that food in there too right? Anyway, apart from all of my ‘so-funny’ jokes Viginal Tearing is serious. Even in the best of scenarios, your vagina will end up feeling bitter. By large the tearing is minor but acute tearing and complications can occur too.

There are three types of Viginal tears: Minor tearing, that 80% of the women face during normal delivery and can heal within 4 weeks to 6 weeks. This kind of tear doesn’t cause any long term side effects. More severe tears that go from the vagina to the muscle around the rectum occur in 3% of deliveries, and tears that extend from the vagina to through the rectum (the dreaded “vag-anus” tear) occur in ~1% of vaginal deliveries.

Since we are continuously evolving and learning, doctors have found out ways to prevent vaginal tears and how is in the quest at the moment. The most significant thing you can do to reduce your risk of severe vaginal tears is to ask your doctor to avoid performing an episiotomy unless medically necessary. Other than that using a lubricant like mineral oil or KY jelly in the vaginal canal as the baby is delivered has been shown to help reduce tears as has to apply warm, moist cloths to the perineum while pushing.

While concluding it, I would say that Vaginal tears are 100% natural depending on the quality of your skin and how flexible your vagina is. For any assistance and to know more consult with your Gyno friend, they will be able to talk the panic down in you better.

Take a deep breath, PUSH without any tears.

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