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Is Your C-Section Planned-

Good Evening my beautiful and brave ladies!

For many reasons, a woman may want a planned cesarean section to give birth. For some, it's a medical choice. But C-sections have risks of its own. Some healthy women want the surgery so they can pick their delivery date or avoid a vaginal delivery. And for the women, for whom the reasons are not exactly medical, I have some information that you would want to consider before planning you C-Section.

So let’s do it!

Why have a planned caesarean?

You know, one of my sister’s C-Section delivery was planned so that she could pick up a date of her own choice (she is into numerology). You see these can be reasons too.

Nonetheless, Your doctor might recommend a planned, or elective, caesarean because it is the safest way to deliver the baby if:

- your baby is in an abnormal position, or you are carrying more than one baby (when it’s common for one of them to be in an abnormal position)

- you are carrying more than one baby and they need to be born early, or there are other problems

- your placenta is covering all or part of the cervix

- you have a health problem, such as a heart problem, high blood pressure, or an infection that could be passed to your baby during vaginal birth, such as genital herpes or HIV

- you or your baby have other medical complications, for example, if you have fibroids (growths in the uterus) or your baby has severe hydrocephalus (extra fluid on the brain)

- you have had other babies via caesarean section

I am in no way here to influence your decision but just to make your aware of the fact that a caesarean is a major surgery which carries risks, including heavy bleeding and problems with the placenta. It can also affect future pregnancies if you plan any.

So that is all ladies - I am done for the day here. Hope you have a nice day/evening.

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