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How Can You Tell That Your Water Broke-

While in a movie or in a TV Show, breaking of water right before the childbirth seems clear and easy, it can be a tad bit confusing in the life outside of the reel. The other day I was listening to a gynaecologist talk about her experiences with her patients where they thought that their water broke but well guess what, it seemed that they only peed themselves. Well, it’s natural to feel that way but on the contrary to the reel life, it is actually difficult to tell whether your water broke, you peed yourself, or you simply lost your mucus plug.

Now let’s just get some facts rolling here:

As the baby grows inside the uterus, it floats in the amniotic fluid, which is a clear liquid – the consistency of water. 100% of the women have this notion that their water would burst like a balloon before it’s THE TIME, but in only 8% of the labours, the water breaks before the contraction starts. I believe that being pregnant comes with a lot of confusion, specifically in the last trimester when there is a lot going on down there, which leads to conclusions that are not always right. Many pregnant women have significantly more vaginal discharge toward the end of pregnancy, often so much that they need to wear a pad, and this discharge can create enough moisture to be confused with amniotic fluid. The pelvic muscles that help you control your urine are often weakened during pregnancy; so most women have more trouble controlling their urine in the second and third trimesters.

If anyone of you experiences a small amount of leaking and is unsure if your water has broken, then please empty your bladder fully and dry up your genitals. Take a fresh towel and sit on it at least for half n hour, if your water would have been broken then you would see the towel wet. The moment you are sure about it, consult your doctor and take the next steps. Please note, the longer the water is broken the higher the chance of bacteria entering the uterus and causing infection in the baby.

Once again to all the beautiful and brave pregnant ladies, confusion is a part of the process, if you feel that the water is broken, do try the towel trick or else consult with your doctor. Till then Happy Pregnancy!

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