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How Can Pitocin Help You In your Labour-

The other day I was going through the list of vitamins that a pregnant woman should take and suddenly this line - “Pitocin, a drug you would not want to take Ever” caught my attention. However, when I read the blog, the person shared her experience with medicine and how it helped her. It was totally contradicting the title of her blog.

Soon, I understood that PITOCIN is the drug that is taken/given to the pregnant women to avoid C-Section, infection and haemorrhage but there is a cold bitterness towards this drug and I only wanted to know why - the drug has been widely mistaken to cause severe pain.

The uterus is a giant muscle, and in normal labour the body produces a hormone called oxytocin that causes the uterus to rhythmically contract, pushing the baby down and out through the birth canal. Pitocin is a synthetic version of oxytocin given through an IV to make the uterus contract if the body is not making enough oxytocin on its own. Pitocin has three main purposes: to help induce labour, to help stalled labour, and to treat/prevent haemorrhage.

When labour induction becomes medically necessary, Pitocin is usually the best option. Patients often describe the contractions associated with Pitocin as being more intense, but if delivery is needed and the body hasn’t gotten the memo to start natural labour, Pitocin works well to get the job done: healthy vaginal delivery.

Pitocin, like any other medication, can have side effects and can root complications when used incorrectly. It does increase the amount of cramping pain post-delivery. And that my ladies are the only purpose of this innocent drug, the one that your Gyno Friend would recommend you to take.

I am sure that the labour after PITOCIN is going to be another high for you altogether.

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