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Are You Itching Your Pregnancy Away too-

Imagine this situation - You start itching at one particular area on your body and then you keep at it. It’s exasperating but satiating at the same time. But right now you are very pregnant, what would you do about it? If you plan on checking about it on google, it might give you some grave answers that you would not want to stress about at this point of time.

I have quite a few answers for 70% of the women who experience some kind of skin itching during pregnancy. Don’t worry! there is nothing life-threatening if the reasons are dry skin, allergies, or eczema. But DID YOU KNOW that there is this rare itching condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, popular as “Cholestasis”. In this condition, the liver of a pregnant mom starts to malfunction and liver byproducts Bile Acids begins to build up in her body. The bile acids cause severe skin itching in the mom, but they also cross the placenta and cause all kinds of problems for the baby like preterm delivery, meconium-stained fluid and in some cases, even stillbirth.

Hey! By no means, I plan on to scare you but I just want you to not take this itching as lightly as you might take otherwise. Being aware is better than being negligent, right? But now that I have managed to scare you a wee bit, let me tell you this - if your itching doesn’t go away even after applying the medicated or cosmetic lotions then, consider it as a sign to make an appointment with your Gynecologist friend and get your Bile Acid level checked. Occasionally, the symptoms can start even before the disease would show up in your blood. So if you get normal lab results and the symptoms keep worsening, don’t buy your lab results at all, rather than go for a repeat in a week or two.

Now! Take a deep breath, don’t be scared. It will all be good by the end of the ninth month.

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