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5 Common Questions About Pregnancy

Hi ladies!

I believe that pregnancy comes with a lot of questions. More than often the questions just do not make rounds around the baby, labour or the birthing options but women get so cautious that they start to question their day-to-day activities. I mean it’s a big shift in the paradigm so the questions are just vast so I have a list of common questions that women generally come up with and today I am going to answer them all for you.

Let’s do this!

Can I have caffeine when I’m pregnant?

I am breaking this good news to all the caffeine lovers. I KNOW you cannot live without the oxygen but caffeine is what drives you. Yes. While most pregnant women do lose their taste for coffee in the first trimester, up to 200 mg of caffeine a day is safe in pregnancy. That is approximately 2 small cups of coffee a day. OH YES!

Can I drink wine when I’m pregnant?

This hurts me too but NO. I know a woman needs her essentials but While wine can be helpful in the process of getting pregnant there is no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy.

Can I travel when I’m pregnant?

Of course babe. If you are not experiencing any pregnancy complications, then it is safe to travel up to 28 weeks internationally and 35 weeks domestically. When you are pregnant, you are at increased risk of blood clots from sitting for a prolonged period of time, so you should get up and walk around every two hours, which usually works out great because this is about how often you have to pee.

Can I have sex when I’m pregnant?

I myself was curious to know about this. But hey? Did you watch that “FRIENDS” episode where Rachel was desperate to deliver her little Emma but she could not even after trying all the other not-so-cool-methods and then her Doc suggested her to have sex with someone because that helps? I clearly remember Ross taking all the credit for that kiss that led Rachel to the labour room (sorry for distracting but that episode was fun and also educational) SO Yes – unless you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or your doctor has instructed you to refrain from sex based on a specific complication (like placenta previa). From conception until your water breaks, having sex is medically fine. And any position is fine as long as it doesn’t cause you discomfort.

Can I sleep on my back when I’m pregnant?

C’mon woman! Before 20 weeks, please sleep in your favourite position, there is no stopping from that. But after the 20th week, it is recommended to sleep on your side. As the uterus grows, it can put pressure on the vein that returns blood to your heart when you are flat on your back. This can cause you to feel dizzy and lightheaded. No need to panic that you are hurting your baby if you find yourself waking up on your back, your body will rouse you if needed and then simply roll back over on your side.

I guess I am able to at least answer a few questions that you might have had in your mind. If you have any more questions, do mention them in the comment section below and I shall get to you with favourable answers.

Thank You!

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