The decision to have a child is MOMENTOUS!

For all other things you can confidently rely on Doozie, your companion when embarking upon the most important journey of your life.

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Planning Journey

Doozie joins your MCC journey when you have started planning for conception. You can use our trackers, hyperlocal as well as online services for conceiving healthily. Once you get pregnant, you can seamlessly transition to a Doozie pregnancy journey

For people who want to have a baby, a healthy lifestyle improves the chances of pregnancy.

Knowing when you ovulate increases your chance of pregnancy.

Periods & Ovulation Tracker

Let us know when your last menstrual period started, your usual cycle length and average period duration. Depending on these details, you can see a distribution of period days, normal days and fertile days across four weeks from the current week. In case, of an early or late period, you can track the same. These details help you in better planning for conception.

Having sex in the few days leading up to ovulation, increases the odds of pregnancy.

Your Fertility Window

Your planning journey with Doozie shows when your last period had started, depending on which we show color-coded window of fertile dates with the darker one being the most favourable for conception.

Ask Right Away - Gynaecologists / Nutritionists

Online Connected Care

Throughout your planning journey, our team of Doozie gynaecologists and nutritionists are there to guide you through our online consultations available at marginal costs.