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Infant Care

Doozie envisions bringing care, support & meaningful relevance to the way parenting is delivered across the globe.

First-time parents can get overwhelmed by the responsibilities they are required to undertake as they take baby steps into parenthood. Doozie aims to ease this transition by facilitating parenting education through medically-curated parenting videos, monitoring their child's growth metrics and keeping track of the countless memories they make during this journey.

Once you complete your pregnancy journey with Doozie, our infant care services can be availed, free of cost, until three months post delivery.

Infant Care Journey

Specialised Care Section

  • Online Consultation
  • Parenting Videos
  • Growth Monitoring
  • Memories/Photos Management

Doubt resolution at marginal prices

Concern resolution is just a click away now, say hello to our experts and write your concern. We will appreciate if you attach images/videos to your query.

First-time parents can get flustered by minor issues, something they haven't seen before and resort to elders' advice, mother communities or simply the internet for these answers. While the spirit of helping out is intact in each of these cases, we recommend you to always take medically curated advice only.

For all such doubts and concerns you can consult our expert care panel online, at marginal costs.

Doubt resolution at marginal prices

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