“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” – Amy Tan

For the unknowns, learning & milestones, memories & care - let’s start with a smile & some love from Doozie

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Child Care Journey

Doozie envisions bringing care, support & meaningful relevance to the way parenting is delivered across the globe.

At the core of our systems and offerings, lies an undying spirit to personalise products and the experience delivered by leveraging our AI-based understanding of parenting needs and causalities.

Ask Right Away - Doctors / Nutritionists / Therapists

Parenting Rule No. 1: Get It Right!

Concern resolution is just a click away now, say hello to our experts and write your concern. Currently, we provide Medical, Nutritional & Lifestyle advice. We will appreciate if you attach images/videos to your query.

Understanding Child's Health

Tap, Tap and Discover

Let the AI persona let you enter the body parts and the related health issues to guide you to a set of home remedies and possible disorders.

Understanding Child's Health

Doctored Guidance and Kids Entertainment

We recommend a religious understanding of parenting fundamentals and actionable practices which are summarised in small videos, you can always escalate the personalised query to our experts in the context of the video.

Living your child's memories...

Memory Manager and Timeline

Log all your baby's firsts with Doozie, see them as a timeline with ability to filter them by moods and enjoy auto-applied filters to make them more colorful.